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GETTING WITH THE TIMES Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In our industry, we hear it often.  Miles!  How many miles?  People get squirrely if the miles are 100,000 or over.  If vehicles are not your life and you don't understand the industry, we can understand the stigma of vehicles expiring around 100,000 thousand.  We like to say a vehicle doesn't even prove itself until it hits 100 thousand miles.  

Consider this...WE'RE ALL TAKING BETTER CARE OF OURSELVES THAN EVER.  Over the last several decades, our average life span has increased.  New studies come out, new medicines, new ideas, new and improved understandings of how we can live our best lives possible for AS LONG as possible.  REMEMBER WHEN WE CONSIDERED OURSELVES OLD IN OUR 30'S OR 40'S?  YEAH, THAT'S NOT US AND THAT'S NOT THE VEHICLE INDUSTRY ANYMORE.  Just like anything, knowledge is power.  The more we know, the better we are.  Same for the vehicle industry.  We build better, stronger, faster, more innovative vehicles.  We learn from recalls (RIP Ford Freestyle), what works, what doesn't, we use better materials, better craftsmanship, better tools.  Forget about the seemingly scary expiration date of 100,000 miles.  It no longer exists.  HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF WE WERE TREATED LIKE WE ARE SHRIVELED UP AND USELESS AFTER 30?  GO LAY IN THE PASTURE AND WAIT TO DIE?  KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES AND RECOGNIZE VEHICLES ARE NOT DEAD AT 100k OR EVEN OVER 100k.  Our tow driver's truck just turned 430,000 miles (not a typo!).  My vehicle just turned 208,000 miles and is better than ever.  We have a Ford F150 at over 200k for sale.  Out of all the vehicles on the lot, the boss prefers to drive this truck over any other.  It's not uncommon to see vehicles at the auction still pulling in top dollar for 180,000 and over.  That's because we know vehicles.  Those in the business KNOW there's plenty of good life left in a vehicle with higher mileage.  Still not sold?  Feel free to come on in.  We're happy to show you and let you drive it for yourself.  


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