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Often times people want to negotiate via email or over the phone without seeing the vehicle in person.  Our suggestion is to come on in and test drive the vehicle first.  If you like the vehicle then we have something to talk about.  Negotiating on a vehicle you haven't seen or know you want can be a mute point.  If you've eye balled the vehicle and driven it, you are better equipped to negotiate &/or discuss the vehicle.

There are times people bring an adviser.  It can be a trusted friend/family member or a mechanic.  We always welcome anything that will bring you peace of mind when making a high dollar purchase.  In some cases, an adviser can feel pressure to make sure you get the best deal possible and can actually sabotage a healthy negotiation.  They may also feel pressure because should something not go right, they worry you will point your finger at them.  Most people don't want to be held responsible for what is ultimately your decision.  Bring your trusted adviser, but remember this is your money, your purchase, your loan, your decision. 

Consider prices are made after reviewing multiple factors.  We make note of or address the vehicles needs during triage.  We weigh out the cost of repair vs lowering the price.  In some cases, we have a part on order and repair is pending receipt.  It could be that the part is on back order, so we've discounted the price to accommodate that issue.  Ask us about it and we're happy to fill in the blanks.  We encourage open & honest dialogue.  Puffing out your chest and telling us it's a crummy vehicle isn't a negotiation tactic.  By all means, address concerns.  Ask questions.  We encourage open communication and transparency.  No need to huff and puff.  Let's have a conversation.

There are 3 most common negotiation tactics.  Appeal to financial gain, appeal to a common interest, hard ball.  Hard ball is an option when you have leverage.  For example, you have more than we're asking for a down payment and want to negotiate the payment amounts.  If you're short on the down payment, hard ball is not the best tactic.

Want to learn more?  Ask.  We'll tell you what we know and what we don't know.  We hope you buy from us, but even if you don't, we're happy to share what we've learned over the years.  We are friendly and willing to talk it out, show you #'s, show you how we come up with the #'s as well as answer any questions.  C'mon in and let's have a friendly conversation.



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